The BrandDesigned and handcrafted in Portugal, Blush is a high-end brand that offers quality, exclusivity and unique pieces that worth every penny.Each piece of art is made with passion and skill, attending to all female biotypes, using only the finest materials, resulting in unique products handmade by our team of experienced tailors since 2017. For this reason you won’t find these masterpieces anywhere else.

Our main goal is working the confidence and self-esteem of all women, reminding them how beautiful, strong and powerful they are.We pride ourselves on creating timeless masterpieces that will make you feel empowered and look more sophisticated, beautiful and sexy!

Our FounderOrnela Feliciano, 36-year-old daughter of a seamstress and businesswoman who inspired her throughout her career, from an early age she always had contact with her creations and business notions that refined her love for art.With a degree in Business Management, the businesswoman is the Founder, CEO, Creative Director and Fashion Designer of Blush Atelier since 2017.After completing her academic degree in Lisbon, she moved to her hometown (Angola) to embrace her 1st international professional challenge.After a year and a half of professional experience, she decided to dive into a new challenge and give wings to her main passion (Fashion), launching in 2011 the Blush Boutique.Already involved in the business, in 2017, she created Blush Atelier and launched her first author design collection “2017 Glam Instint” which was a national success.In 2019, she already had her brand presented in 6 national and international fashion shows, Designer of the Year award and several nominations.Currently, Blush is featured in several Boutiques across Europe (Lisbon, Porto, Paris, Mykonos) among others but always looking for new markets.Following this growth, the Founder is now focused on sustainable and ecological methods in order to reduce the enormous impact of the industry on the environment, always looking for materials and tecniques to produce in a more conscious and responsible way.” We want to take a stand and show the world that it is possible to be fashion and still take care of our planet, because there in no planet B”.


Ornela Feliciano