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Blush House

Ornela Feliciano, 35, business management degree, moved to Angola in 2010 to embrace her 1st international professional challenge. After a year and a half of professional experience, she decided to step in a new challenge and, one of her main passions (Fashion) launching Blush Boutique in 2011. Being involved in the business over the years, she realized there was a huge demand for exclusivity and premium quality in the market.

In 2017, she created Blush Couture and launched her first design collection “2017 Glam Instint” which was a national success. In 2019, she has already her brand presented in 6 fashion shows, 1 Breakthrough Stylist Award and several nominations.

Blush is currently featured in 3 stores in Europe and New York in a near future. The brand is growing and, taking part of this growth the Founder is now involved on sustainable creations. After realized the hudge impact of the industry on the environment, she started producting more consciously using vegan and eco-friendly materials.

We want to stand up and show the world that “it’s possible to be fashion and care about our planet because there’s not planet B…”

It’s time to say: “Be Fashion…Be Blush!”